August 23, 2010

The Half Billion Dollar Educational Buggy Whip


File this one under misallocation of precious resources.

Or alternatively, under yet another reason why government should not run schools.

There's never a shortage of political reasons to justify building Taj Mahals like this.  But is there a valid educational reason?  So consider what trumped what in this case.

Stay Classy Now

Edublogger, Jim Horn, leaves the following comment on this three year old post:

Go fuck yourself.

A cogent and persuasive argument indeed.

Apparently Horn didn't like his mention in the last paragraph of the post:

P.S. Be sure not to miss the obsequious edu-blogger, Jim Horn, sucking up at the foot of the hungry master in the comments. "Thank you for your eloquent commitment to what's right for so many years ... A trusted lieutenant, should you need one. Jim Horn" What a jackass.

I'm guessing it was the jackass line at the end.