January 4, 2007

Tinkering around

Be warned. I'm playing around with installing the new haloscan commenting system. For now the old blogger comments aren't visible, but I'm working on bringing them back and installing the recent comment widget in the right toolbar. Stay tuned.

Update: Got the recent comment widget to work. Behold. It's over in the sidebar. Pretty.

Update 2: Got the cld Blogger comments back. A link appears under the new haloscan comment link at the bottom of posts. Now I just have to figure out a) do I keep both or b) do I like the Haloscan comments enough to keep them and if so do I port the old blogger comments into the new Halosscan comments. Lots of questions, no answers. Yet.

Update 3. Well that didn't take long. I don't like Haloscan. It doesn't play nice with Firefox, I can't get the title of the post to appear in the comments, so I can't match up the comments with the post, and you need frames (yuck) to get the comments to appear with the comments. The onlt benefit is the recent comments widget. And, guess what, I found one for blogger comments. So, I think I'm going back to blogger. If you want to leave a comment leave it under the old blogger comment links.

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