February 15, 2007


Edspresso reports that the NEA doesn't like its own constituents. It's trying to nix a spending bill proposed by Senator Lamar Alexander that requests additional funds for merit pay.

Apparently, the NEA doesn't want specialists and exceptional teachers from receiving pay raises in favor of protecting bad apples. Here's the comical video of the letter the NEA sent to the Senator requesting that he not vote for his own bill.

Giggle. Gotta love those old timey depression era union politics.

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Expat Teacher said...

Excellent post. I worked in a low performing school in a difficult area and our local NEA spent most of it's time making sure that the guy down the hall - the one with the racist tendencies and no clue on how to teach - got to keep his job a couple more years so he could retire and get his pension.

Unions are valuable, but only when they remember what's valuable.