September 28, 2007


I have a bleg from Tangoman:

Maybe you can help me find a particular post that appeared on an education blog a year or so ago. The post described the experience of an elementary teacher who had a young, special needs, girl placed into her class and the teacher described the nightmare that ensued over the course of the school year. Does that account ring a bell with you? I have absolutely no clue where I read that account and I want to find it again.

It rings a bell with me, but, like Tangoman, I can't seem to locate the post. If anyone has any better information, let me know in the comments. Thanks in advance.


Brett Pawlowski said...

Are you sure it wasn't the Wall Street Journal? They ran a couple of page 1 articles on special education recently, including "When Discipline Starts a Fight" on July 9 and "Schools Beat Back Demands
For Special-Ed Services" on July 24.

Both of those are still in the archives for paid subscribers, but will soon roll over into their paid article archives - if you want 'em, better get them now. :-)

TangoMan said...

This was on an education blog. The teacher was recounting the behavioral issues that a little girl presented. She moved the girl to the front of the class. Over the course of the year the teacher's frustration increased. The teacher was provided no support.