October 16, 2007

Russo not feeling linky love

This Week in Education's Alexander Russo isn't feeling any linky love from his fellow edubloggers.

Last week, pretty much the only blog that linked to me was the union critic Mike Antonucci (aka EIA). This week so far, it's the pro-union Dr. Homselisce (Teach For America). Pathetic, I know. But readers keep finding me even without the links, and I'll take a link whether it agrees with me or not.

That's the spirit. There is no such thing as bad press.

I suggest that all twelve of my loyal readers go visit Russo before he does something drastic.

1 comment:

CrypticLife said...

I visited. And I think you have more than 12 readers, Ken. You do have 3 feeds with nearly 60 subscribers, after all.