January 23, 2008

Employers want new way to judge graduates

USA Today reports that employers want a new way to judge graduates beyond tests and grades.

Colleges have been scrambling over the past year to respond to recommendations from a national commission that they be clearer to the public about what students have learned by the time they graduate.


The survey of 301 business leaders nationwide suggests that colleges find ways to assess a student's ability to apply college learning to real-world settings.

Colleges have been dumbing down their curricula for some time now in order to deal with all the academically unprepared students coming their way, not to mention the various bogus fields of study they've invented (interdisciplinary studies, anyone?) now that society thinks that everyone should go to college

As W. S. Gilbert famously put it: "When every one is somebody, then no one’s anybody!"

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Anonymous said...

I've been saying it for three years now. College has become the new highschool. We are devaluing the degree so much that the smart kids of this generation are automatically considering grad school.