April 1, 2008

Back from Hiatus

Took a vacation in Vermont to do a little skiing. Spring break came early this year in our district so we took advantage of it.

Looks like I didn't miss too much. That's the one good thing about education, nothing much happens that's important. Which is not to say that nothing happens--just that most of what happens isn't important.

The only thing of consequence I could find is that E.D. Hirsch turned 80 last week. Hirsch is apparently still going strong as is evident by this American Educator article on state standards.

Some day we might put the content back in education. And one day we may learn how to get that content into the heads of at-risk students. But today is not yet that day.

Instead we get the umpteenth article on class size reduction and other educational panaceas.


Anonymous said...

Ken (he wrote with a impish grin),

You seem to think a cadre of ed professors running a protection racket for the tenure hustle can convince parents not to do what's best for kids.

If parents saw best practice videos on youtube, wouldn't they demand reforms more credible than flying penguins?

Here's a proposed list:
E. D. Hirsch's Core Knowledge
Stan Pogrow's HOTS
ASQ's Koalaty Kid
National Issues Forum in the Classroom

If you have a DI video to add to the list, just let me know.

Thoughts, anyone?

Brett Pawlowski said...

For Eric - you can go to http://www.fsusd.k12.ca.us/video/ for a series of online videos about direct instruction, made available by the Fairfield-Suisun (CA) Unified School District.

Anonymous said...

Interesting you should mention videos, Eric. I've been thinking the same thing. Email me to discuss. You too, Ken.

Robert Pondiscio