June 15, 2008

The Evidence against Broader Bolder

Those behind the Broader, Bolder Approach manifesto conveniently fail to mention all the evidence against their broader, bolder approach not to mention that no one has ever been able to use such a broader, bolder approach to "close [the achievement] gaps in a substantial, consistent, and sustainable manner."

In the interest of more complete and more accurate presentation of the issues here are a few posts debunking the broader, bolder rhetoric.

1. Achievement gaps can be eliminated by schools alone; providing comprehensive medical and social services wsa ineffective.

2. The folly of class size reduction

3. Improving teacher effectiveness isn't very effective

4. The inner city school counter-example

5. Teachers don't know best

6. The problem is vocabulary acquisition

7. Trying to improve student achievement by improving SES is a fool's errand

8. the lessons from Kansaa City

9. Povery, such that it is, is not the problem

10. The root cause of educational failure -- bad teaching

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