March 10, 2009

New P21 Video Found Lacking

Is it me, or is the the new P21 Video lacking some 21st century skills or, at least, 21st century production values?

I mean it's not exactly a good use of technology or the video format.

Would you buy a suit from this guy.


dweir said...

Ken Kay, or should I call you Harold Hill, or perhaps Bernie Madoff?

Ken Kay founds P21 in 2002. In 2008, he founds e-Luminate. From the company's Jan. 24, 2008 "launch" press-release:

– e-Luminate Group, an education consulting firm specializing in marketing communications and market leadership services...

P21 founding organizations were after profits. That's fine. I have nothing against companies seeking profits.

But don't further damage the public education system by this massive marketing campaign that will fool the ignorant and trusting that you'll be starting a town band.

By convincing states to join his bandwagon and contribute "tools" we have the educational equivalent of a ponzi scheme.

Disgusting and shameful.

Anonymous said...

"we have the educational equivalent of a ponzi scheme."

That's being too kind. It's a vaporous shell game. The guy pits "content" against "skills" but defines neither. That's like pitting height against weight without either a yardstick or a scale.

Then he waxes about "world class" Why stop with such low expectations. We should be shooting for at least universe class, if not galaxy class.

Then he sets up the false dichotomy of "employment" and "citizen engagement." Pure crappy sophistry.

The "model" is apt only to be sewn on the empty bags used in snipe hunts.

The scary part is that so many people in high places are buying the snipe bags.

NMahoney said...
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NMahoney said...

BORING. Is that a 21st century skill set? lol

He lost me when he said, "[Science education can be an important way of developing 21st century skills. In particular, complex communication skills.]" Grrr that first sentence alone is infuriating. He's got the uniform leading the general.

And how can anyone communicate complexly in the absence of complex knowledge in the area in which they are attempting to communicate complexly (or complexity for that matter)?

Let's picture a physician who can eloquently advise a patient on diabetes and renal failure but actually knows little or nothing about the topic. It makes no sense!

Let's get real. Kids are making YouTube channels with more production value and verve than this P21 video. What they need is something substantive to communicate.