April 8, 2009

Three Year Blogiversary

Here are the Stats

Nearly 600 posts. (Maybe 15% were decent.)

Countless typos.

190,000 Visits. (Mostly from the same dozen people)

300,000 Page Views.

317 Google Reader Subscribers

60 Bloglines Subscribers

Top Referring Websites (Other than Search Engines)

1. Joanne Jacobs
2. Kitchentable Math
3. Eduwonk
4. Wapo
6. This Week in Education
7. RRF Message Board
8. EconLog
9. Core Knowledge Blog
10. Rightwing Nation

Most Popular Posts From the Past Year

1. Science Leadership Academy (What they say vs. what their students can do) (Series)
2. Learning Styles are Bunk
3. Today's Chart (Pass rates vs. % Free/Reduced Meal Students)
4. Improving Socioeconomic Status (A fool's Errand)
5. Developmentally Appropriate Practice is Not Developmentally Appropriate
6. Efficiency and Spelling
7. New DI Program: Differentiated Reading
8. Decodable vs. Predictable Texts
9. Theory II: Teacher's Salaries
10. Your Pet Reform is Suckier Than You Think

Most Popular Posts From the Archives

1. It's Official: Everyday Math Sucks (Sept. 2006)
2. Alfie Kohn: Dangerous Jackass (Aug. 2006)
3. How to Effectively Manage a Classroom (Oct. 2007) (Guest Post by teacher PalisadesK)
4. Differentiated Nonsense (May 2006)
5. Everyday Math on Long Division (Oct. 2006)
6. Kid Writing (Aug. 2006)
7. Reading Mastery III Sample Lesson (Part 1) (May 2006)
8. Effective Mathematics Instruction The Importance of Curriculum (April 2007)
9. It's the Vocabulary, Stupid (Nov. 2006)
10. New Way to Teach Penmanship (Dec. 2006)

Thanks to all the readers, commenters, and other edu-bloggers.


J.D. Fisher said...

Congrats, Ken.

Can I ask why CJ is still listed (or ever was listed) as a "contributor" to this site?

I think I would be more interested in the "ever was" than the "still" question.

Anyway, Happy Blogiversary!

Tracy W said...

I'm glad to see that excellent series of posts by Palisadesk made the top 10.
Thank you for a stimulating 3 years. (It's been 3 years already? WTF!)

KDeRosa said...

Thanks all.

I gave Catherine the ability to post on the blog when she was having trouble posting on the original KTM. I'm keeping it open just in case of emergency.