September 11, 2009

OECD Locks Up It's Latest Report

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development isn't being very cooperative these days as it locks up its latest report Doing Better for Children from those of us that want to find out how to do better for children. (Or, those of us who want to point out the OECD's various methodological flaws and other sundry mistakes.)

I can see why the OECD wants to charge for a pretty bound copy of the report, but charging to download the PDF?

I don't see the wisdom.

Isn't the whole point of being an advocacy group to, you know, advocate by spreading your "truth" far and wide?


Anonymous said...

All OECD publications are available to read online, free of charge, via Google Books and the Browse-it service on the OECD online bookshop.

Dick Schutz said...

I can't find this pub at either Google Books or at the OECD online bookshop. Nothing beyond the Table of Contents.

Can you provide a link?

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the book's page in the online bookshop: If you click on the little eye icon next to the big orange add to basket button you'll get the browse version.

Amanda said...

If you go into the country summary for France and page down to the English text, you will find a link to the hefty Chapter 2 which has a lot of the meat in, and for which you do not have to pay