September 27, 2010

Obama: Old Text Books Are the Problem

Really?  Did he really just say that?

"Obviously, in some schools money plays a big factor ... ," Obama said, pointing out that schools in the poorest areas often don't have up-to-date textbooks.
I guess so.

I taught my kids how to read with a 20 year old classroom textbook.  They didn't seem to notice the difference.  I did this because I knew the 20 year old textbook worked.  I didn't have the same confidence in their school's much newer textbook.  Apparently, their school thought the same; they just switched to a different book.  I don't like gambling with my child's future.  Schools don't seem to mind so much whose future they're gambling with.  That's because they aren't gambling with their own futures.

My son is using a 30 year old textbook to learn algebra.  He's teaching himself.  He's in fifth grade.  The book was intended for high school students.  He can do it because he learned elementary math well.  And, that's all you need to understand algebra.

How about history?  The most recent history we covered in school was decades old.

Science?  Lots has changed in science and our understanding thereof.  But not much of that new stuff is taught in school either.

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Roger Sweeny said...

Very little has changed in introductory physics or chemistry. Now biology is a different story.