August 24, 2006

Female Dominance in College

The Quick and the Ed comment on the growing female dominance on college campuses.

I think its a cause for concern, but not really a cause for alarm, at least not yet. Here's why:
  1. Men are still over-represented in the hard sciences, the fields that are actually useful and where real work continues to get done. These are the B.S. fields. Men dominate these degrees. Women, on the other hand, dominate the less useful to totally useless B.A. fields. According to the NCES: females graduate with less than 50 percent of degrees in only five areas: agricultural and natural resources (45%), computer information sciences (28%), math (48%), engineering (20%), and physical sciences (41%). Business management is evenly split.

  2. Men have more sufficiently well-paying blue-collar job opportunities available to them. Women gravitate to more pink collar jobs where there is more the need for a college credential, even if it is a only a B.A. credential.
So, I'm not ready to send up the warning flares just yet. However, I'm still concerned that our over-feminized and radicalized K-12 school system is causing much of the problems we're seeing to men at the margins. Those who have the brainpower to earn a college degree, but who are so turned off by the 13 years of nonsense they are forced to endure before getting there.

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Anonymous said...

There are still more men than women going into business, though over the years, we've seen more and more women in our classes.