November 18, 2006

Reading Well and Motivation

Here is a nice short video from Reading Rockets highlighting the need to make sure that kids do not fall behind in reading. Since reading is a complex activity and, in school, a very public activity, the constant feedback a poor reader receives is deadly to motivation.

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I've transcribed Lyon's sections:

“Ongoing assessment is a tool teachers should use for all students”

Reid Lyon, NICHD:
“The teacher needs to understand how to diagnose difficulties. That requires assessment. How does that youngster link the sounds to the letters? How are the phonics skills coming along? How many words per minute can the kid read? Fluency? All of those require a form of assessment or testing and teachers have to do that continuously. You cannot let people move along in a complex activity doing things wrong. You’ve gotta catch it while it occurs and fix it.”

“Not being able to read just isn’t an academic issue. It’s an emotional issue. It’s a motivational issue. It’s very dear to the kid. Consider: kids who come into the first grade, in particular the second grade, the third grade—their job is to read. And they read out loud a great deal; they read in groups. Well if you don’t do that well and that’s the job of schooling, the major job, and people think you’re stupid if you sound like you don’t know how to do it…it doesn’t take very long to begin to withdraw from that practice. Kids aren’t as resilient as we thought.

Reading Well and Motivation