November 17, 2006

Progress report from TMAO

TMAO provides an update on the progress of his special ed and ELL kids:

  • Of the 0% who could demonstrate mastery on the parts of speech, 73% are at that 80-80 mark.
  • Of the 0% who could identify the parts of plot structure, and articulate the conflict-climax connection, 93% can now reasonably do so, although still not on grade level text, but utilizing grade level vocabulary and analysis
  • Of the 60% who could write the alphabet correctly, in order, and identify the vowels, 98% now can (don't ask about that 2%)

These kids started the year far behind, but are starting to make progress. After six years of non-learning, kids like this can be less than motivated about learning. But, it is amazing how a little academic success and a desire to please teachers/adults/parents can motivate children (at least at this age).

When I say I need to cancel Saturday Academy because I need to go renew my driver's license, leaving out the part where I'm commuting 110 miles a day on an expired piece of plastic, there are audible groans.

Once when I inadvertently failed to put a star on my three year old daughter's reading "homework," I could tell by the look in her eyes that unless I rectified the oversight with due haste that I'd be on the business end of a makeshift shank crudely fashioned out of her Dora the Explorer kiddie spoon.

Then there's my six year old son who insists that I dutifully record the bonus points he's earned in the built-in motivation system of his reading program. Mind you, we've never discussed what the bonus points are for or what the consequences or bonuses might be for said bonus points, but damn if he's not going to get whatever bonus points he's got coming to him.

Clearly, Alfie Kohn does not have kids of his own.

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Kilian Betlach said...

20% are SpEd, the rest are ELL, or ELL and SpEd. Yee-Haw!