January 29, 2008

Technology that might be useful

I'm not a fan of technology, for the sake of technology.

Most technology doesn't improve what goes on in the classroom. Typically, the technology merely allows the teacher to do the same old stuff in a new way. Big deal.

However, the class room remote control system highlighted in this NYT article has potential. If used correctly, it could help increase student motivation and increase student feedback. Of course, it could also be used as a glorified Jeopardy game which is not exactly an improvement.

Go read the story.


Stephen Downes said...

The use of clickers in classrooms is old; the real story here is that Qwizdom managed to spin the NY Tomes for some free advertising.

KDeRosa said...

You're right, clickers aren't really new. I'm more interested in the rest of the system that takes the responses from the remotes, processes it, and displays it in a way that the teacher can use. It's the whole package is the improvement, like the wii. A blend of old technology that is implemented better than anything that preceded it. NOt enough info in the article to determine that, which is why I qualified my enthusiam such taht it is.

All newspaper articles shill for some cause.

Catherine Johnson said...

Our administration actually used the words "just like Jeopardy" in pitching SMART Boards to the school board. (Apparently the clickers are t/k. After we purchase more SMART Boards.)

Catherine Johnson said...

Knowing my district we'll sink thousands into clickers and then thousands more into edline so our kids' lousy assessment scores can be beamed to mom and dad directly.

Then we can hire more tutors.