June 9, 2008

Today's Video

Today's video is a remake of Dan Willingham's, brain-based education video from a few weeks back. This time with 87% better production values.

Dan should do a lot more of these.


Anonymous said...

4.9 stars

I'm not so sure about the rope pulling example. It's easier to pull on a rope if its far end is slack. Otherwise, it's like pulling on a hemp-covered rigid pipe.

A better example:
Will four administrators and a teacher dig a ditch as fast as their individual abilities suggest? Or will total productivity reduce with the addition of each administrator?

That's the only nit I'd pick with the video.

Our nation would be better off with more Dan Willinghams. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more with the points made in the video -- it's yet one more example (the utter drivel about "multiple intelligences" leaps to mind) where educators with minimal deep training in science, neuroscience, psychology, or frankly much else, derive specious conclusions from research they don't really understand and try to make it into school policy.