August 1, 2008

Bronze: Where the Least Motivated Find the Will to Succeed

A blog reader, Carol Glenn, has come up with a new proposed after-school program that incorporates DI and Core Knowledge. Heer idea is in contention over at ideablob where she can win $10,000 in seed money if you vote for her. Check out her business plan and cast your vote.

Here's a good visual representation of Carol's plan:


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks so much for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Ummm, no social promotion. Are we sure some fragile toddler’s self-esteem won't be permanently damaged.

Anonymous said...

Joeh, I'm sure you're being facetious here, but this is why the entertainment aspect is so crucial. If there's enough demand, there should be a waiting list.

If someone can't deal with the fact that they need to work hard or they can't enjoy the extra benefits of the program, you can just grab a new student off the waiting list.

In business, it's okay to say your product isn't for everyone. And its okay to refuse service to unreasonable customers.