March 19, 2009

Blog Update

As some commenters may have noticed I've activated the CAPTCHA verification system and the comment moderation system for posts older than 30 days old. I had to do this to combat the influx of Chinese spam I've been receiving over the course of the last week. Last night alone I had to manually delete, one by one, about 200 comments that were spam. Let's see if this drives them away. if it does I'll remove the CAPTCHA system.

I'm currently trying to finish my reboot post. It's turning out to be a little more difficult than I originally thought.

I'll answer Brian's and Dick's comments after I've posted the conclusion of the reboot post.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hope the problem goes away.
It took two tries to solve the CAPTCHA you have. Some studies say 1 in 5 CAPTCHAs fail beacuse they arer too hard.
If you want to have an easy, free spam blocker that does not have the user burden of understanding squiggly letters, check out Vidoop at
It uses images, not text and will help
Anyhow, best of luck