September 18, 2006

Carrying Things a Bit Too Far

The British International School of New York just opened up. The school is centered on Britain's national curriculum. This may or may not be a good idea.

They should have stopped at the curriculum.

Anyone familiar with British cuisine will immediately recognize that this particular import is not a good idea:
The food will include some British favorites, but also meals from other cultures.
Marmite, anyone?


Malcolm Kirkpatrick said...

Scroll down to March 16.

KDeRosa said...

Let's not forget jellied eels

TurbineGuy said...

My ex is english... I livedin Cambridge for 3 years. I miss the food less than I miss the no good lying cheating %^&*%^*&.

Now... the beer... thats another story.

Anonymous said...

Really? I've had some really good meals in Britain.

We lived in Chester and there was an excellent butcher around the corner from us.

And the local markets sell great cheese and other such goodies - not quite as interesting as the French unpasteriused cheeses, but delicious - up to Kiwi standards.

And English cooking done well is a good thing. Some of the restaurants we ate at were as good as Wellington ones. It's just that the quality from restaurant to restaurant is so variable in the UK.

TurbineGuy said...

Well I did like the Indian curries and the bacon sandwiches at the Cambridge United Football Club grounds.

MikeZ said...

Half a tick, mate - that's Vegemite, for you Yanks and Pommys.

I do suspect, though, that the school won't be using Whole Language or Everyday Math (which they'd have to call Everyday Maths).