October 3, 2006

Today's Quote

Most educators have bought the myth that academic learning does not require discipline--that the best learning is easy and fun. They do not realize that it is fluent performance that is fun. The process of learning, of changing performance, is most often stressful and painful.

--Ogden Lindsey (1992, p. 23)

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Anonymous said...

"...that the best learning is easy and fun."

I have commented on this before. They seem to think they have found a magic way to learn math (or anything)without hard work - like getting something for nothing. They really just don't like seeing kids get separated by ability. They don't like the filter nature of education. Of course, this idea dies away completely by high school, but for many kids, the damage has already been done. Enough kids do well (in spite of what they do) that they continue to delude themselves into thinking that there is no linkage between mastery and true understanding.